4D Malaysia is also known as 4 digit game and is a very popular game in Malaysia. In this game player, will chose the 4 random numbers from 0000 to 9999. 23 lucky numbers are drawn each time and if the player number match with luck number then he won the prize.
In Malaysia, the main 4D bet holder private companies are Magnum 4D, Sports Toto 4D, Da Ma Cai, and Derby Blue and Derby Green. These are privately owned legal companies which have the government-issued license and these are known by the name of Number Forecast Operators.
Draws for 4d Malaysia are held by the operators on every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. But in some cases, the draw will be held on Tuesday.


It’s a classic 4D game in which player pick random 4 digit number and place either small bet or big bet. Both bets have different payouts and very popular in Malaysia by names small 4d and big 4d. In small 4d bet the player will get the higher amount of payouts but only first, second and third will receive the prize money. The winning amount of big 4d Malaysia is less but the maximum number of player will receive the winning amount. Three players will receive as first prize, second prize, third prize, and 10 special numbers are allowed to win RM180 for RM1 bet. Also, the consolation numbers will receive the prize of RM 60 for RM1 bet. In Malaysia, Magnum 4d is the first private company who owned the 4d Malaysia license from the government of Malaysia. In 2009 magnum introduced the advanced version of 4d and they hold its copyrights.


It is also a big name in 4d Malaysia and they also have the legal rights for the 4d game. The rules and requirements are same as like magnum4D. Sports Toto also introduces the 5D and 6D games which are popular ones in Malaysia. Both 5D and 6D has no forecast like 4d big and small. The first winning jackpot for 6D is RM 1000,000 and for 5D is RM 15,000. The rule for winning 6D or 5D is last or first 5 digits must match with the lucky draw number.

Sports Toto offers other great games which are Mega Toto 6/52, Power Toto 6/55 and Supreme Toto 6/58. The rule for playing these three games is to pick random 6 numbers and for winnings match at least last 5 numbers with the lucky number. The Supreme Toto 6/58 has the highest amount of RM 8.8 million as a winning jackpot and the winning probability is low.


They owned 4D and as well as 3D games and also owned 1+3D. In 3D winner will receive the prize as winner1, winner2 and winner3. The first prize for 1+3D is lower than the 3D which is RM 660 for first prize. Da Ma Cai has the 3D jackpot of amount 1.8 million for 1st prize. They also already lunch their mobile apps for Android and IOS.


They also owned the 4d Malaysia official license which is issued by the government. They also run 5D and 6D games same like sports Toto. Also, they give the highest amount of payouts on winning the bet. They have the same prize structure for 4D Malaysia as like the other operators.

How to play 4d Malaysia

The playing rule for 4d Malaysia is almost same for all the lottery providers. Below are the rules for playing 4d games.

  • To participate in game player must have to reserve the 4 digit number from any of the 4d lottery outlets. The number must be from 0000 to 9999 and can buy it even on luck draw day but before 7 pm.
  • The number must consist of 4 digits and player can choose any number of his choice or lucky pick will generate any random number for the user at the outlet.
  • There are two pools for 4d Malaysia game one is big bet and 2nd is small bet. The player must choose the pool before selecting a number or go for both.
  • If the player will go for a big bet then winning probability is high as compared to small bet. Because in big bet there are 23 lucky numbers are drawn. These 23 numbers categorize as winner 1, winner 2, winner 3 including 10 Special prizes and 10 Consolation Prizes.
  • If the player bid for a small bet then gets the chance of winning at least one prize out of 3. The amount of 3 prizes different as winner1, winner2, and winner3. Although the winning chances are low if player 4 digit number match with lucky draw number. Player will get a high amount of prize as compared to the big bet.
  • If the player bet for Big and his 4 digit number match and he will get the 1st prize of amount RM 2500 and 2nd prize 1000 RM and 3rd prize 500 RM. 10 special prizes for each 180 RM and 10 Consolation Prizes for each 60 RM.
  • If the player bet for Small and his 4 digit number match and he will get the 1st prize of amount RM 3500 and 2nd prize 2500 RM and 3rd prize 1000 RM.
  • As in small bet, there is a low chance of winning the prize but high in a big bet. The player must bet for both 4D pools.
4d Malaysia FAQ

Yes, it’s 100% safe to play for the 4d Malaysia games. These are the best-trusted lottery providers which has no fraud or scam case since the beginning. Also, support is available for 24 hours for listening to the lottery queries.

Yes, all the lottery operators have various outlets and all are genuine. All the lottery outlets owned by lottery providers and they have the government issued license. So no worries if you see multiple outlets of different providers near to each other.

Lottery tickets are not expensive and the player can start bid from 1 RM. But for buying multiple tickets for various games than rates depends on 4d ticket Provider Company.

No, they have no special bonus offers for new players but they offered a bonus according to gameplay. The amount of bonus depends upon gameplay and player only get the bonus if his number match with the bonus draw number only.

No, the payouts depend on the game type and each game has different payouts. It depends on the bidding amount for each game. In game instruction the maximum payout percentage that player will receive mentioned in case of winning the bet. For more quires and questions you may contact the support.

Before withdrawing money or claiming the winning jackpot double confirm that you wine the lottery number. For this purpose see the lottery provider winning number results on their website or you can use the mobile application for checking the results.

Yes, the government of Malaysia gives the license for lottery providers and they have the complete rights for advertising 4d with own names.